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CDOT Road Conditions
US 285 (Antero Jct to Jefferson)
Dry, High Wind
US 285 (Kenosha Pass)
US 285 (Grant to Pine Jct)
Scattered Showers
US 285 (Pine Jct to Turkey Creek Cyn)
Scattered Showers
US 285 (Hampden Ave)
C-470 (I-70 to I-25)
US 6 (Clear Creek Canyon)
US 6 (Golden-Denver)
I-70 (Idaho Springs-Genesee)
I-70 (Genesee-C470)
I-70 (C470 to I-25)
CDOT Road Signs
CDOT Denver Road Speeds
US 285 South/S. of Conifer
US 285 South/Turkey Creek
C-470 East/Alameda Ped Bridge
C-470 East/Platt Canyon
I -70 West/C-470
US 285 South/C-470
US 6 East/Union Blvd
US 6 East/Wadsworth
US 285 South/Grant
US 285 North/Fairplay
US 285 North
slowest speed: 33 mph
CO 8 to Sante Fe Dr
13 minutes (delay is 0 minute)speed: 33 mph
Sante Fe Dr to University Blvd
4 minutes, no delays
US 285 South
delay of 1 minute
University Blvd to Sante Fe Dr
4 minutes, no delays
Sante Fe Dr to CO 8
14 minutes (delay is 1 minute)
C-470 East
delay of 7 minutes, slowest speed: 24 mph
I-70 to US 285
5 minutes, no delays
US 285 to Sante Fe Dr
10 minutes, no delays
Sante Fe Dr to I-25 North
16 minutes (delay is 7 minutes), speed: 24 mph
C-470 West
delay of 1 minute, slowest speed: 41 mph
I-25 to Sante Fe
9 minutes (delay is 1 minute), speed: 41 mph
Sante Fe Dr to US 285
8 minutes, no delays
US 285 to I-70
5 minutes, no delays
US 6 East
delay of 20 minutes, slowest speed: 2 mph
C-470 to Union Blvd
6 minutes (delay is 2 minutes), speed: 21 mph
Union Blvd to C-470
24 minutes (delay is 18 minutes), speed: 2 mph
US 6 West
slowest speed: 39 mph
I-25 to Simms St
6 minutes, no delays
Simms St to C-470
CDOT Data Missing
3 minutes minimum, delay of at least 0 minute
speed: 39 mph
I-70 East
delay of at least 5 minutes, slowest speed: 11 mph
Evergreen Pkwy to C-470
7 minutes, no delays
C-470 to Kipling St
12 minutes (delay is 5 minutes), speed: 11 mph
Kipling St to I-25
CDOT data missing
expected time 5 minutes, no measured delays
I-70 West
delay of 8 minutes, slowest speed: 24 mph
I-25 to Kipling St
11 minutes (delay is 4 minutes), speed: 24 mph
Kipling St to C-470
10 minutes (delay is 3 minutes), speed: 36 mph
C-470 to Evergreen Pkwy
9 minutes (delay is 1 minute), speed: 35 mph
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