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Pinecam Shout Box

RivaRafta - Mar 17, 04:51 PM
Received evac message. I am in Park County.
aspenleaf - Mar 17, 06:26 PM
Stay safe!
Calendar Moderator - Mar 19, 11:21 AM
im off the elkhorn rd area near como. And so far recieved 6 inches and its still coming down hard
Calendar Moderator - Mar 19, 11:22 AM
opps of snow
TillerBee - Mar 19, 11:48 AM
Oh I thought maybe you meant you had 6 inches of fluff. :hugegrin:
Rak - Mar 19, 12:13 PM
6" snow so far at Lake George, still snowing
TillerBee - Mar 20, 01:16 PM
Wonderful sunshine here in Shaffers Crossing, quickly melting all that snow.
dancornell - Mar 21, 07:27 AM
Hello, there is a large gray dog wandering around my yard. Seems like an older dog. Is there a place on pincam for lost animals?
aspenleaf - Mar 21, 11:44 AM
More people looking for their dogs will see this if you post in the Pet Corner L&F.
lshields - Mar 22, 06:35 AM
Anybody with a wispertel email having issues. I am unable to connect via webmail and it is not working properly on my iPad set up in mail.Rise Broadband has been contacted twice andsays there are no issues on their end but I have to believe there is
aspenleaf - Mar 22, 08:17 AM
Hi, Your question will quickly disappear from here. Ask in the Technology Forum. It’s listed below.
aspenleaf - Mar 22, 08:19 AM
More sunshine today? :sun:
TillerBee - Mar 22, 04:02 PM
Yes, and it's so cheery and bright.
BeerGodROX - Mar 22, 08:53 PM
Where's mopar???
aspenleaf - Mar 23, 02:53 PM
He’s around once in awhile. He belongs to several forums and has to wreak havoc, there, too. It’s a big job that comes with big responsibilities, ya’ know.
dndinbailey - Mar 24, 06:12 AM
If anyone has need of assistance with going to the store, getting to a doctors appointment etc, please ask. We all here are here for our neighbors.
aspenleaf - Mar 24, 09:27 AM
That's so generous! The perfect place to offer this is in the Neighbors Helping Neighbors forum at viewforum.php?f=160 . Thanks very much!!
aspenleaf - Mar 24, 09:28 AM
Start a new thread there then more people will see it.
lifeclimber - Mar 27, 01:56 PM
Gun shots in Borland. Trees area. Anyone have the 411?
aspenleaf - Mar 31, 09:08 AM
We are gaining 18 minutes of daylight this week! :sun:

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