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Pinecam Shout Box

Mopar - Jan 21, 08:02 AM
any fire danger today ???? :whistle: :hugegrin:
TillerBee - Jan 21, 08:15 AM
About the same as the quantum tunneling probability I can walk through a wall.
TillerBee - Jan 21, 08:26 AM
Not zero but very, very small...
aspenleaf - Jan 21, 06:09 PM
We are right about 12" so far.
gsellers - Jan 22, 08:32 AM
Morning kids!
Calendar Moderator - Jan 23, 03:42 PM
i got 1 foot of snow in Como, snow drifts in some areas about 1 foot and a half
aspenleaf - Jan 24, 04:48 PM
I'm surprised it didn't drift more given the wind you guys can get.
TillerBee - Jan 30, 04:48 PM
Don't forget, Super Blue Blood moon tomorrow morning at 4:30, info
aspenleaf - Feb 1, 06:38 AM
Good morning, PinecamLand. :D
TillerBee - Feb 2, 11:13 AM
Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow - predicts 6 more weeks of winter
TillerBee - Feb 2, 11:13 AM
Don't we up here wish for just 6 weeks of winter left... It's more like 14 weeks of winter to go.
aspenleaf - Feb 2, 01:41 PM
I would be very grateful for 14 weeks of spring and the big, wet snow storms that it usually brings and the warm sunny days.
dndinbailey - Feb 3, 12:01 PM
Just wondering when nature is going to allow me to start outside projects like retaining walls and such. Can't start till I know I will not be swimming in muck. :bash:
Calendar Moderator - Feb 5, 08:32 PM
already working on a green house,
Pinecam Tech Team - Feb 9, 08:35 AM
The Bailey Library webcam is back!
TillerBee - Feb 10, 08:59 AM
I added a spreadsheet or PDF file for to keep track of the Safeway Monopoly pieces for 2018. You can download a copy here.
blulevi44 - Feb 11, 09:10 PM
Any idea what they’re build between sonic and food grocer at conifer? Don’t see any sign up yet?
gsellers - Feb 12, 08:42 PM
They're fixing the retaining wall by Sonic is all, nothing new...
aspenleaf - Feb 13, 06:53 AM
That a relief!
Pinecam Moderators - Feb 17, 10:46 AM
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