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Pinecam Shout Box

FreeInHim - Feb 20, 01:36 PM
Good to see you two still yuckin' it up! :hugegrin:
TillerBee - Feb 20, 04:26 PM
My goodness, you all are sure good at math. Not.
aspenleaf - Feb 21, 09:25 AM
We are under an extreme fire danger alert, today. Let's be careful and observant out there.
ILUVCHESSIES - Feb 21, 10:43 AM
:yeah that: I'm at work and am worried I'll have to run home to save the furbabies.
aspenleaf - Feb 21, 10:44 AM
That is always scary.
LLAMALAD - Feb 21, 12:18 PM
put that note on front door for Fire dept, it tells them what is in your house that they can rescue
ILUVCHESSIES - Feb 21, 01:44 PM
I do have one of those...but I still worry.
ILUVCHESSIES - Feb 21, 01:45 PM
Plus, it's nice to work from home so perhaps I'll use this as an excuse to pack up some work and leave early today. They are working on the HVAC in our building and it's 82 degrees in my office!!
wildGoose2 - Feb 21, 08:28 PM
iluvc. - here's a post for you (and all with pets at home - viewtopic.php?f=85&t=217299
DickThomas - Feb 21, 10:08 PM
9:50 PM email from CDOT: CRASH SB US 285 at MM 232 both southbound lanes blocked. NB lanes unaffected.
DickThomas - Feb 21, 10:11 PM
That's Kings Valley
cosmiccowboy55 - Feb 21, 11:34 PM
units on the scene have stated both directions closed
TillerBee - Feb 22, 07:50 AM
Rt. 285 all lanes open info
TillerBee - Feb 23, 07:40 AM
Snowing in Shaffers Crossing. :snowflake:
DickThomas - Feb 23, 09:15 AM
Uhhh Yep - Still snow!
FreeInHim - Feb 23, 09:34 AM
GM! Any news from that crash on 2/21?
jermtn - Feb 23, 01:22 PM
Why are you looking for your lane on my side of the road. Even in dry weather no one stays on their side. what the ____
jermtn - Feb 23, 01:23 PM
Park County lost keys to snow plow again
watermanofevergreen - Feb 23, 01:40 PM
Snowing harder now in Marshdale along 73. Road is turning white.

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