POLICIES: Emergency, Traffic, Road Rage, Shotgun Posting
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Author:  Pinecam Moderators [ Oct 20, 2005 8:20 pm ]
Post subject:  POLICIES: Emergency, Traffic, Road Rage, Shotgun Posting

Attention pinecam users.

Pinecam has several different forums with different topics. These different forums are designed so that readers can easily find the type of information they are looking for without digging through a lot of different threads on different topics.
Recently, a number of posters have begun a practice of "shotgun" posting, that is, posting the same information on 2 or more forums. This not only is confusing to the readers but it also causes additional work for our team of volunteer moderators.
We ask everyone in the pinecam community to refrain from this sort of posting. If you are not sure which forum is appropriate for your topic, please contact one of the moderators or the moderator team via pm or e-mail.

Thank You
The Pinecam Moderator Team

Author:  Pinecam Moderators [ Jan 13, 2006 10:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Posting Emergency Information

Recently there have been situations where Pinecammers have posted speculative information regarding Police, Fire or Accident information. All Pinecammers are free to post these sorts of items of which they have knowledge. However, we ask that you adhere to the following RULES in making such posts on pinecam:

1) Most important! Please do not report anything more than the fact that there has been an incident. Nothing about fatalities and/or critically injured. We certainly do not want to be the place where friends and families are notified of such an incident. Please have respect for the injured and their families. That type of information does not have any relevance.

2) In the case of an automobile accident, please be general in the type of vehicle involved ? such as truck, car, suv ? no color, make, model and plate numbers.

3) Do not report any medical calls/suicide attempts ? again due to privacy.

4) In the case of fires or other incidents which do not impede traffic, don't give exact addresses. Use neighborhood or street names.

5) Don't publish any information about an "officer down" or "firefighter injured."

6) If you relay information which has been reported by other media, please cite the source (i.e. 7 News is reporting...). If it is available, please provide a URL link to the source.

7) Please do not speculate beyond what you personally know about the situation. Statements such as, "I doubt that anyone could have survived that," or "The fire's going to run all the way to Denver," serve no purpose and can cause undue concern or even panic.

These rules are based on those our scanner monitors follow. If you have a scanner and would like to be a member of the scanner team, please contact one of the moderators or administrators.

Author:  Pinecam Moderators [ Nov 2, 2006 5:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Road Rage and Traffic Incident Posts - NEW POLICY

In an attempt to tone down some of the uncivil discussion on Pinecam and to enforce the spirit of the Terms of Service, the Pinecam moderator team has made the decision to no longer allow discussions of road rage and other traffic incidents which target specific drivers or vehicles. Any threads which mention specific incidents or vehicles will be removed from the forums without question.
Such discussions serve little purpose and can lead to additional road rage or other problems should a reader encounter the same or similar vehicle during their travels. Enforcement of traffic laws is the duty of the State Patrol and Sheriff's Departments and should be left to those agencies.

This is an announcement thread, so please do not place any posts here, thanks.

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