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Author:  gia58 [ Jan 5, 2018 2:57 am ]

Thank-you Koala :)

I had the pleasure of doing photos at the agility course with Ellen, Gay and Carol. We all had fun. There were only three dogs at the shelter today, so each went to the agility course. Hunter is new, although not new to IMHS. He was one of Journey's puppies from back in May. He was recently returned as the owners were much older and couldn't care for him anymore, he will be a great dog once he learns how to be a puppy and then a dog. Mostly slideshow/videos with some photos posted.
I am told there will be a transfer of quite a few dogs early next week, so I guess I will be busy again next week. Please call IMHS if any questions or interested in any of these very adoptable guys 303-838-2668.


Norman here, my shelter mate, Rocco got adopted. I'm adjusting well, especially today when I went to the agility course. It was my first time and I sure had fun. I think I'll be sleeping good tonight.

And here is the slideshow/video of my day at the agility course.

Hunter here. You may not recognize me as I have grown, not quite an adult yet, but close. I was here in May and was still nursing on my Mom, Journey. I was in a home for a long time, but they couldn't keep me anymore and luckily brought me back to IMHS. I need someone that understands puppies and will let me grow to be a good adult dog where I can run and play and mostly be loved and have attention in a forever home.

Here is the slideshow/video of my day at the agility course.

Shaker here. I also went to the agility course. It was fun. They thought I was taller than I am and put up an extra rail, but I couldn't do it.

Here is my slideshow/video of my day at the agility course.


Hope everyone enjoyed the photos and slideshow/video. We all had as much fun as the dogs did and it is such a good thing for them.

Author:  gia58 [ Jan 11, 2018 6:49 pm ]

I had the pleasure of taking photos of Lady at the agility course, so a slideshow/video is below. At the time of the video, Lady was available, but after we returned to IMHS, people that were previously looking at her decided to do a tryout, so she is no longer available at this time. Hopefully a loving/forever home. There are three new dogs that came from a Kansas farm and they are quite scared. I sat with them for awhile. They were treat oriented so that helped, too. I felt bad, because I had to use my flash, but they actually were interested and appeared to enjoy the flash so their photos came out OK. The other two new dogs are very sweet and Ginger was playing ball so I made a short little video of her photos playing ball. If any questions or interested in any of these guys, please call IMHS at 303-838-2668.

Some of these guys, not the kansas dogs, but the others will be at an adoption event this Saturday, November 13th, located at 1st and Wadsworth. I think from 10-2pm, but please call the Petsmart at 303-232-0858 to confirm the time. Please visit the event, if you are in the area.


My name is Sox and I don't have much experience with people and was pretty much surviving on my own with my two friends below. I have heard of feral cats, I guess I'm a feral male dog, but I'm not a mean dog, not at all. The lady sat with me for awhile and gave me treats, which I really enjoyed. She let me smell and touch this black thing she had. At first I was nervous when she pointed it at me. Then it made a big bright light which made me curious. Since it didn't hurt me, I kinda enjoyed it as she talked softly to me.

They called me Cinnamon, a very pretty and scared female. Sox pretty much said it all. The lady kept trying to pet us, although it felt good, I was pretty nervous, good thing I was getting treats to offset my nervousness.

They call me Titus and no need to repeat what Sox said. I'm quite handsome, don't you think? The lady kept trying to pet me, too, I would just turn my head and then there she was with a treat.

Cinnamon and I are in the same cage together. Many times she rests her head on my body and falls to sleep.

Ginger here. I'm a super sweet female that loves being pet and playing. The lady was teaching me to actually get the ball and bring it back. First I just ran after the ball, but didn't really know what to do with it. We had fun. I'm excited about going to the adoption event this Saturday, hopefully, I will get a loving forever home.

Here is a short video of me playing ball. ...

You may have caught a glimpse of me in Ginger's video. I'm not much for playing ball, would much rather have my belly rubbed. My name is Sherlock and I'm also going to the adoption event down at Petsmart this Saturday. I bet I will get a home, how can anyone resist?

Maybe I'll see you there.

Here is a partial silly closeup of Ginger and I.

Lady here and at the time of my photos/video, I was available, but when I got back to the shelter the people who previously were interested in me decided they wanted to try me out. So I went home with them. Hopefully, it will work out to be a loving forever home.

These are some action single photos of me. I was amazing, didn't even have to be taught, it was like second nature for me.

And here is the slideshow/video of me. ...


Hope everyone enjoyed the photos and slideshow/videos.

Author:  koala1 [ Jan 11, 2018 9:19 pm ]

"Lady" is a natural at agility. :applause: Hope she has now found her forever home. :dog: :love:

Author:  gia58 [ Jan 17, 2018 9:54 pm ]

She did Koala, her adoption was finalized today :)

Spent some time with the Kansas dogs and what huge progress in just a week. I couldn't do treats as their tummies are not equipped for so many treats so it was just spending time with them. Sox is progressing the fastest. He actually let me pet him in the beginning and then he rolled around on the cot while I took some photos. Still has a long way to go, but I think he will be a pretty neat pet when he is ready. Cinnamon is a talker and she skitted from me the whole time, but her bark got friendlier as I stayed in with her and continued to talk softly to her. Titus is the most nervous, but I was able to pet him although not sure it was because he let me, but I am pretty sure he enjoyed it. He is a really good dog, but just does not know that people are his friends. There were two new dogs, very sweet and friendly. Please call IMHS at 303-838-2668 if any questions or interested in any of these wonderful dogs.


They call me Kissy and I just arrived this week. I'm a very sweet and friendly male dog. I love sitting on laps and enjoyed sitting on the lady's lap while she was here.
I asked her 'What do you mean you can't take photos of me on your lap?'

That cookie was good.

Now can I sit on your lap?

My name is Ezra. I'm a very friendly and handsome male dog.

Please don't take anymore photos of me, I would much rather you just spend your attention on me.

I guess my pleas are not working?

Well then, I'll just lie over here and wait until you put that stupid camera away.

Yep, it is me Sox, I'm starting to become very comfortable. I like being outside and I'm really starting to like being here.

I'm enjoying rolling around on this cot. I want to play with you, but not sure how 'yet'.

This is me rolling around on the cot.

I am learning and in time I will be ready to have a home with a person.

Cinnamon here. I'm not sure of you just yet. I am a talker, but my talk is different depending on how I feel.

No, you can't pet me - 'yet'.

Titus here and I'm very nervous, I'm not as brave as Cinnamon so this lady was able to pet me. I didn't ask her to, but it actually felt good.

I'm just not sure of you - 'yet'.

I'm nervous, but I know I'm in a safe and good place.


Hope everyone enjoyed the photos. Anyone that is good with dogs learning about people, please visit with these three neat dogs. I think there will be more and more progress each time I see them due to the wonderful staff and volunteers at IMHS.

Author:  koala1 [ Jan 17, 2018 10:27 pm ]

gia58 wrote:
She did Koala, her adoption was finalized today :)

:applause: :woot: :cloud9:

Author:  gia58 [ Jan 24, 2018 11:36 pm ]

Took photos at the shelter today.

Not sure if everyone knows, but the majority, if not all, the animals at IMHS are from high kill shelters, many from down by the four corners area, but from different places depending on their need. IMHS has some super volunteers that make long and difficult trips to transfer these animals to IMHS where they have more of a chance to get adopted and at the same time to save their life. There are also some surrenders that occur. There are few, if any, strays brought in by Park County animal control or by individuals, which is a good reflection on our community regarding pet responsibility.

The three Kansas dogs have made so much progress, it just inspires me. Many terrific volunteers and the great staff are now walking them and they are improving each day. They have a long way to go, but seeing them progress is amazing. Sox is letting me pet him and he is really liking it to the point of coming toward me for more. I learned something about Cinammon today, which amazed me. I was always down on the ground and she would continually bark at me, not mean, just bark, maybe trying to tell me something? I decided to just walk around her pen and she stopped barking, but she wasn't afraid, just would continue walking around the pen and mostly around me. It was so interesting. This completely stopped her barking even when I got back down on the ground. Crazy, but love what I learned. Titus is getting better, he actually looked forward to getting on his leash and walked so properly with me to go in for the night, he kept looking up at me to see if everything was OK. I'm sure it had a lot to do with fear, but that fear is lessening. Like I said they have a long way to go before they are adoptable for all people, but anyone that wants a project or challenge and knows dog behavior inside and out, would make one of these guys a great home or even foster home.

Also went to the agility course with Sherlock, he was amazing! He even jumped after the jump, so very cute. There are activity photos and slideshow/video of him with Ellen and Carol's legs :)

If any questions or interested in any of these wonderful dogs, please call IMHS at 303-838-2668.

IMHS is having an event at Kings Soopers this Sunday, 1/28/2018 from 10-2pm for Kings Sooper reloadable gift cards, Kings Soopers gives a percentage to IMHS.


Ezra here. The lady would run around and then get down and start pointing that big thing at me.

The best part is when I would finally run over to her and she and I just hugged.

I'm a super friendly, very sweet male dog that loves to give hugs and just hang out. Plus I'm quite handsome, don't you think?

Norman here. I thought I was getting adopted, but it fell through, probably changed their mind. That means I'm up for adoption again. I'm a really sweet male dog, when I first arrived, I was very frightened. I came in with my shelter mate Rocco. Rocco was adopted and I heard really happy and so are his owners. I'm happy for him and I hope the same for me.

This is my favorite toy, still learning how to play with people, but the lady with the camera in one hand and the rope in the other doesn't help much.

I'm still very nervous, but once I know you and realize you are a good person, I will give you kisses.

Sherlock here. I'm a very nice and sweet male dog. They took me to something they called agility, I called it fun.

I heard them saying I did pretty good for my first time.

Here is my slideshow/video.

Sox here and I'm doing so much better. Learning that people can be fun and really nice. I still have a long way to go, but I'm getting there. Baby steps are the best.

What is that thing you are always pointing at me, it smells like a dog.

Cinnamon here. I was talking a lot when the lady was sitting on the ground talking to me and pointing that big black thing at me.

Then the lady started pacing around, kinda like I do when I'm nervous so I figured I would help her out and stop barking at her.

Maybe I won't bark at her anymore, I know what it is like to be nervous and it is not fun.

Titus here and I'm still the most nervous of all, but I'm so much better.

Are you a good person?

I walked in for the night really well with the lady, walked right by her side. That is because all the volunteers and staff have been working with me and teaching me people are A OK.


Hope everyone enjoyed the photos and slideshow/video.

Author:  gia58 [ Jan 31, 2018 10:41 pm ]

I was at IMHS to do photos today.

The three Kansas dogs are doing well, still improving. Cinnamon let me pet her today and she is starting to warm up to me some. They all still have a long way to go, but I've seen such progress compared to how they came into IMHS. Sox is almost a regular dog now and enjoys being pet, he actually lies on Gemma's lap, pretty cool. Titus is also warming up to me and let me pet him and he actually walked over to me for more. Staff and volunteers are walking them. They are still learning to walk, but they are walking. So good to see.

Norman went to agility today, but he was a bit nervous. I think he has been at the shelter too long and wanted to get back to his place. He is a really good dog, but just needs to have a home to bond in. A short slideshow/video of him at agility and then back at imhs playing with his toy.

I had the pleasure of meeting an adopter today and took some photos of Pavacahala (Cherokee was his shelter name) and his owner Kristine. Pavacahala came into IMHS back in June 2017 along with several other puppies that were transferred to IMHS after living under a truck with no mother. Christine adopted Pavacahala in July 2017 and he is doing great. I am posting photos of when he was a puppy here and the photos of him now in his forever home. This is why I do what I do, it really is good to see.

IMHS will be transferring 6 dogs from other shelters this coming week, I think Monday.

Just want to mention that IMHS will be at Kings Sooper for the gift cards again this Sunday February 4 10-2pm and there will be an adoption event at Petco in Golden on Saturday, February 10, 2018 from 10-2pm.

If any questions or you are interested in any of these guys, please call IMHS at 303-838-2668.


Sox here and doing well. Really enjoy being pet, going on walks and my training sessions with Gemma. People here are so good to me, never realized how beneficial people are.

Not really sure what to do with this ball, but it sounds like it might be fun.

This is my safe position, how I slept when I was out on my own.

Cinnamon here, I'm also doing better. I got so excited when Sox went with Gemma for training. When Gemma got back, I went too. I did pretty good.

This is me scratching myself against the chain link fence, it works good as a scratcher.

Ahhh, that felt good.

Titus here, I didn't get any good photos, I was too busy watching Sox and Cinammon with Gemma.

I've improved a lot too, but still have a long way to go.

Norman here. I went to agility today, but was a bit overwhelmed. Not sure if I'm an agility type dog, but love all the people that were with me. There are mirrors at the agility course and I just loved looking at myself.

When I got back to the shelter, I played with my favorite type toy, the rope toy.

Here are my action shots in a slideshow/video.

My name is Pavacahala and I was adopted back in July 2017. I am visiting IMHS with my owner/Mom, Kristine. I am very happy.

This is me when I was at the shelter, this photo was taken on July 5, 2017 - such a long time ago. Do you think I've changed much?

My Mom also has two other dogs, now my siblings. They are older than me and try hard to teach me how to be a good dog, along with my Mom teaching me.

Here is a photo of me back when I was at the shelter waiting for my Mom to find me.

Thank God she found me!


Hope everyone enjoyed the photos and slideshow/video.

Author:  gia58 [ Feb 7, 2018 11:50 pm ]

I was at the shelter to do photos today, but only Norman was there. When I got there the three Kansas dogs were on their way to the infamous surgery required of all dogs and cats. The Kansas dogs are doing good.

The transfer of dogs and cats did not happen earlier this week due to complications. It was taking place this afternoon, but I was not able to stay. I will be going back tomorrow or Friday so expect another update to this topic. There are 6 dogs being transferred from a high kill shelter down in New Mexico. I'm told one has been abused, so like the Kansas dogs, s/he will need some time.

There is also a puppy, but she went to get surgery today too. She seems to be a sweetheart. Her photo will be included with the new dogs.

If you have any questions or are interested in wonderful Norman, please call IMHS at 303-838-2668. Norman is doing well, but he still is a little shy. Once he gets to know you, he opens up more.


Norman here. I'm still a little shy, but I'm quite handsome, don't you think?

What is that thing you are constantly pointing at me?

Oh no, you are pointing that thing at me again. Why can't you just play with me?

Here I am going on a walk with one of the very nice volunteers for IMHS.


Hope you enjoyed the photos. Please stay tuned for lots of photos of the new dogs coming in.

Author:  gia58 [ Feb 9, 2018 5:05 pm ]

I was able to take photos of the new dogs at the shelter yesterday, plus the Kansas dogs. The Kansas dogs are doing well after their surgery on Wednesday. I spent some time sitting with them and I'm able to pet all of them now. They keep improving each day. They still have a long way to go, but are getting there. They are walking, but it is hard, although if I remember when they first arrived, it is huge.

There are six new dogs, two are a bit shy, but I'm sure they will get over that as they only just arrived. As told, one was abused and you will see how skinny he is in his photos. But what a sweetheart, the previous owner taught how to sit and each time I was giving a treat, he would sit and wait, kinda amazing. Even though he was not treated right, this dog has such respect for people, it will be good for him to learn that he can actually have fun with people and get lots of loving and most important, not be starving. One of the new dogs has already been adopted, a small female lap dog, the people are very excited about adopting her.

There is also a puppy that was recently brought in; surrendered by her owner which is a really good thing.

Tomorrow IMHS will be holding an adoption event at Petco down in Golden from 10-2pm. Some of the new dogs and maybe Norman will be at the adoption event. The Petco phone number is 303-384-0013.

If any questions or interested in any of these wonderful dogs, please call IMHS at 303-838-2668.


My name is Daisy Mae. I'm a female and quite a lovable puppy.

I am inside right now, because I just had surgery yesterday. Otherwise I would be outside playing. I am good friends with Norman, we play well together.

I hope I get a loving forever home where my new owners will always love me, care for me and never want to give me up.

My name is Bear. I've learned in my life that I must always listen to people, otherwise I'll be hurt also learned that I'm not a living thing, but an object to be owned.

I didn't get much food where I used to live. Since I've been here I've been fed on a schedule and it feels good.

Maybe now my head won't look so big compared to my body.

The lady was giving me treats and not even yelling at me to sit. Do you have anymore treats?

They call me Rudi. I'm a very handsome young male. I'm quite shy, but only because I'm not sure if you are a good person or a bad person.

It didn't take me that long to let the lady pet me.

I was still a bit nervous, but I have my reasons for that.

Everyone here is proving to be trustworthy so maybe I can finally get over my fear of people.

My name is Kenosha and I'm just a year old. I am a very playful and loving female dog.

What do you mean I need to stay still so you can take my photo?

Can we play again? Not sure what to do with the ball you threw.

OK, since you keep pointing that big black thing at me, I'm just going to lie down.

My name is Aspen. I'm a very playful and loving female, too. I'm a happy girl.

This is my good side and my more serious look.

You need to be quicker with your camera if you want to get a photo of me.

What do you mean I have to stop licking your lens?

They call me Wrigly. I am a shy and cautious young male. Like Rudi, I'm not sure if you are a good person or a bad person.

I also am not sure of this petting thing people are trying with me. It feels like you may be trying to invade my space.

I like you, but I'm just not sure yet.

My name is Daisy and I'm also one of the new dogs, but I will be leaving to go to my forever home. It is a good thing, because this lady just did not get a good photo of me. I'm so much prettier than my photos show.

I'm not crying, it is my beauty mark.

Finally, she is up to us. Sox here. Yesterday was a crazy day, I went in the van, very nervous, because I thought they were taking me away forever.

Then I was knocked out, don't know a thing until I woke up in this hospital smelling place. Everyone was very nice to me and then they took me back here, to the place I know. And here is this lady again with the big black thing pointed at me.

I am happy to be back and showing off with my favorite thing, rolling over on my bed.

Cinammon here. Same thing happened to me yesterday.

I'm wondering what they did when I was out. Did they probe me?

Titus here. Same thing happened to me. Damn, Cinammon, I didn't even think of that!


Hope everyone enjoyed the photos. It was great meeting all these new dogs.

Author:  aspenleaf [ Feb 11, 2018 2:12 pm ]

Gia, you really capture these dogs' personalities. The best I've ever seen showing many different views of each. Most ads for dogs have only one photo, often not a very good one. So dogs in these photos look vacant, not showing any interest. You're giving these dogs a much better chance than any other rescues I've seen (and I've looked at dozens). I think most people, unfortunately, make snap judgments on whether they're interested in a dog by their initial appearance. You show so much more!

Kudos!! :D

Author:  gia58 [ Feb 11, 2018 4:47 pm ]

Thanks AL, that is really nice of you to comment. It is really good to hear I'm doing a good job :)

Author:  gia58 [ Feb 14, 2018 11:37 pm ]

Most of the new dogs were getting their required surgery today. Almost all the new dogs are on a try-out or adopted already. Norman is also on a try-out with one of IMHS's volunteers, I was really happy to hear that.

So only have photos of the Kansas guys who are still doing well. They were out in the big play yard today, it was neat to see them there. Sox even went to the agility course today, but I didn't go with him as I was doing photos of the cats. I heard Sox did really well and started to feel comfortable with the equipment, amazing how these guys keep improving. I did have the pleasure to go when they took Daisy Mae, so there is a slideshow/video of her.

Just want to note here that I won't be doing photos for the next couple of weeks as I will be visiting my Mom.

If any questions or interested in any of these wonderful dogs, please call IMHS at 303-838-2668.


Sox here in the big play yard today. It was pretty neat. Later, Gemma and two other ladies took me to something called the agility course. A lot of funny looking equipment that they kept wanting me to walk over. They all said I did really good.


Pretty good body, no?


One day, I will learn how to be a dog.


Cinnamon and Titus here. We are in the other big play yard. It is pretty cool. We are actually greeting people when they come over.


I'm learning how to be less afraid.


I actually came when the lady called me.


One day, I know I will get there.




I sure had fun at the agility course. Here is my slideshow/video that shows my amazing jumps.



Hope everyone enjoyed the photos and slideshow/video.

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