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Author:  gia58 [ Aug 22, 2018 10:42 pm ]

Thanks Koala Patches and Snip got adopted, no surprise. Juice and Arie are back at their foster home, hopefully they will become foster failures - that is terrible of me, but I'm famous at being a foster failure. LOL. I have so many doggie crushes Walkerjohn :)

Took photos of the dogs today at IMHS. Two of the dogs were just surrendered today due to their owner being deployed to Iraq and no one being able to care for them. These two young girls were adopted from IMHS in March of 2017 when they were puppies. I found my photos of them when they were puppies so you can see how they aged. They are pretty bonded, but IMHS does not want them to be restricted to get adopted together and will be working on separating them. Of course if the situation lends itself for them to be adopted together, well that will be the icing on the cake.

If any questions or interested in any of these very neat dogs, please call IMHS at 303-838-2668. Thank-you.


Our names are Ola and Mar, respectively. We were surrendered by our owner, because he had to go off to protect our country. We will miss him, but we understand life isn't always fair. We are hoping to be adopted out together, but again life is not always fair. We do need some training, but we do know how to sit and we are super friendly and very nice female dogs.

We were brought to IMHS on March 3, 2017 when we were just puppies. Here is a photo of us from March 22, 2017, with me, Mar on the left. My name used to be Ellie Mae when I was first at IMHS.

And a photo of us today again with me on the left.

Here is another photo taken of us on March 29, 2017 when we were puppies. This time with me, Ola, on the left. My name was Peggy Sue when this photo was taken. We were adopted just a few days after.

Here is today's photo with me on the left.

Mar here with my baby photo and adult together. Wasn't I a cute puppy and now an even cuter adult?

Ola here with my baby and adult photo together. I haven't aged a bit.

Ramona here. I wonder what she is doing up there.

Hey lady, when are you coming down to our level?

I'm just going to play with Brody then. I'm such a happier girl now that I have a playmate. We get along really well and play well together.

My mouth is bigger than yours.

Why is Brody always on top of me?

Boy your breath stinks!

Brody here. I can also be a calm dog especially when I'm waiting for my cookie. I do know how to sit as long as I'm told.

Now we are both waiting for our cookie.

I also love belly rubs.

Guffy here. Do you know how to do high five?

First you lift your paw or, in your case, your hand.

Then you put your pads out or your palm.

Then you put it in front of you.

I see, you'll need a bit more training on how to do a high five.


I hope everyone enjoyed the photos.

Author:  Local person [ Aug 23, 2018 9:39 am ]

Once again great pictures, sensitive and loving... Thanks for the smiles!

Author:  gia58 [ Sep 1, 2018 8:20 pm ]

Thanks Local Person :)

While I was at IMHS to take photos of the cats yesterday, there were a few new dogs, so I took their photos. Two of them were just flown in from New Mexico, they arrived just before I left so I got some photos of them.

If any questions or interested in any of these new guys and don't forget about the guys that already had their photo taken, please call IMHS at 303-838-2668. Thanks.


My name is Lady. I'm a sweet girl and very friendly. They banned my breed in the city where I was living so I was transferred to IMHS where people do not generalize due to a breed, but look at who I am as a dog. I know how to sit for a treat and I take the treat very gently. I'm not even a year old, so I'm young enough to be trained by my new family with firmness and love.

Is this a good pose for you?

My name is Harper. I'm a very sweet and loving female dog. I can be a bit pushy and will jump all over you, but that is only because I want to be closer to you.

If you hang out with me for a long time, I calm down and I'm much more enjoyable.

My sister was just adopted today. I will miss her, but maybe I can learn that she was adopted, because she was a bit more calmer than me and I can learn to also be more calmer.

My name is Mitzi. I just arrived here at IMHS. I'm still settling in. I came here with my buddy, Snoopy. We came from New Mexico. Our owner had passed and a nice lady found a safe shelter, IMHS, for us to go.

I'm a very sweet girl and I give very loving and gentle kisses.

My name is Snoopy. Ditto what Mitzi said with the exception of the kisses. I'm not the kissing type, but I am friendly and enjoy getting pet.

Here we are checking out all the smells of this new place.

We think we are going to like this place.

So come by and visit with us. It will be good for us to see and hang out with lots of people. We heard there are some great volunteers and staff here and we will be very loved.


I hope everyone enjoyed the photos.

Author:  aspenleaf [ Sep 8, 2018 10:09 pm ]

Beautiful! Every one of them! Thanks for spending all the time it takes to photograph these pups and posting them here. :)

Author:  gia58 [ Sep 12, 2018 9:58 pm ]

Thanks AL, the dogs really make it fun and make the photos so good :).

I went to IMHS and did photos. I kinda rushed through, because they were all going to an adoption event over by Youngsfield. I feel bad, because I missed Mar and Ola. I hope it was a successful adoption event.

Want to mention that IMHS is having it's big yearly event this Saturday, September 15th. It is called "2018 Cause for Paws Hoedown". It is being held at the agility barn - address is 236 Spring Drive, Pine. Please visit to see more details on the event.

If any questions or interested in any of these really neat dogs, please call IMHS at 303-838-2668. Thank-you.


Arie here. I'm just hanging out in the big yard with Juice.

I'm hoping one day I will get a home and a family that will love me forever.

Juice here and I agree wholeheartedly with Arie.

We are both very good dogs, Arie is still a little shy, but that doesn't mean she isn't a good and terrific dog.

Lady here. I'm a sweet girl looking for a family and home to call my own.

Boy, that was a tasty 'small' treat you gave me.

Do you have anymore, maybe a bigger one?

Snoopy, AKA Rowdy, here. We arrived just two weeks ago. We really like this place.

Mitzi here. I agree with Snoop, everyone is so loving and good to us.

We are very good dogs and hope we get a home one day.

Is that a treat I smell on you?

Do you have anymore?


I hope everyone enjoyed the photos.

Author:  gia58 [ Sep 27, 2018 6:44 pm ]

Still not on my regular schedule yet, but hopefully soon. I finally got a chance to do photos yesterday. Here are the dog photos. Sadly all the same dogs still have not found their home yet. I hope they all do soon, they are really good dogs so not sure why they haven't as yet. They are rescue dogs so they need those people that understand and are willing to work with rescue dogs, but they are all very sweet and kind.

Wanted to let everyone know I have completed the IMHS 2019 calendar and it is now available at the shelter. Here is the post I did giving more detail about the calendar --> viewtopic.php?f=74&t=227589&p=1793477#p1793477

If any questions or interested in these really neat guys, please call IMHS at 303-838-2668. Thank-you!


Ola here. What do you mean 'do I want to do dressup?'


What is going on here?

I think I like the other style better.

Mar here. Don't even think about it.

I don't need any clothes to make me look better, I'm quite beautiful in the nude.

I have to agree with Mar.

Juice here. You know I love my belly rubbed.

No more rubs?

Doesn't this look like a selfie. Hey, Arie, smile.

We love treats and we take them ever so gently.

Spread the word out there about us, we would be great pets for the right people. We are extremely mellow dogs, can be very loving even Arie when she isn't being too shy and we are not needy dogs at all.

Romona here. You know I hate that camera now move on, but before you do make sure people know that I'm a super dog, very beautiful with a great bod and a very unique personality.

Guffy here. I loooooovvveee treats. Do you have anymore?

No more treats? Phooey on you then.

Only kidding.


I hope everyone enjoyed the few photos I did.

Author:  gia58 [ Oct 18, 2018 10:05 pm ]

Took photos this week at IMHS. There were a few new dogs, but Arie, Juice, Ola, Mar and Ramona really need homes. Please help find these really nice dogs home, they so deserve it. They are all very sweet and good dogs.

If any questions or interested in adopting a dog, please call IMHS at 303-838-2668. Thank-you.


Mar and Ola here. Not sure why we still are, we thought for sure we would have been adopted by now.

We are two very sweet and happy dogs. Maybe there is someone out there that loves dogs, has a place for us in their home, will take us hiking with them and will never give us away.

Juice here. Starting to think this is my home, but I've heard that a home can be so much better.

Arie here. Do you know of anyone that would want me?

And me?

Guffy here. I may be an old man, but I have the energy of a child.

Do you have a place for me in your heart?

Ramona here. Notice how concentrated I am on the ball?

Still staying focused.

Got it.

Can you see me smiling?

My name is Waylon. My owner passed away and there was no one that could take me so they brought me here to find a home. Maybe people should start having godparent's for pets.

These are my before photos. I'm on a serious diet since I'm so overweight, it is almost dangerous. Not enjoying the diet, but I'm told I'll feel a bunch better once I lose most of the weight.

They call us Pepper and Chloe. Our photos are not that great, because we just came back from being altered. We are very, very cute and very sweet dogs.

I just want to go to sleep for now. Come back and see me next week.

I just came back from being altered, too. My name is Benny and I've been adopted. I am a super sweet and lovable boy, I hope they are happy with me.

They call me Blue. And the same story for me, just got back from being altered and I've also been adopted. I think I'm even sweeter and more lovable than Benny so I'm sure my family will be happy with me.


I hope everyone enjoyed.

Author:  gia58 [ Oct 25, 2018 7:04 pm ]

Below are the photos I took yesterday and Monday at IMHS. Monday I had the pleasure of doing photos/video of Ramona at the agility course. Quite a few dogs got to go, but I only got photos of Ramona. I feel bad, because I don't have photos of Ola and Mar, two very neat dogs that would make someone wonderful pets. I wish I got photos of them at the agility course, I heard they did great.

There are a few new dogs at the shelter, it is quite full right now.

If any questions or interested in adopting a dog, please call IMHS at 303-838-2668. Thanks.


Juice and Arie here. Can you please share our photo and our story so that we can finally get adopted and finally have a family to call our own?

Pepper and Chloe here. Luckily Chloe got adopted. I hope she and her owner are happy together.

I'm a bit lonely now, but everyone is trying to keep me company.

I'm a super sweet quiet little guy. I can sit in your lap and you won't even know it, I'm so tiny. I'm also pretty handsome.

I have this little squeak toy to keep me company, too. When it squeaks, I hide, but then I come back, because I'm curious.

My name is Benny. I thought I was adopted, but it didn't work out. So I'm available as of this post. I'm a very sweet guy and would make someone a great pet.

I think I'm pretty handsome, too.

They call me Joy. I'm a very sweet and neat female dog.

Can you tell how intelligent I am by the way I'm looking at ya?

I'm pretty young, not even a year old yet. Best time to take me into your family.

Aren't I just the cutest girl you ever saw?

My name is teeny. And yes, I am teeny. I'm also a super sweet little girl, that loves to give kisses and lovings.

Isn't this really cool that I can do this with my tongue?

My name is Lilly and I'm the sane one in the group.

Hey, everyone, someone new is here so time for choir practice.

Bark, bark, bark... squeak, squeak, squeak... bark, bark, bark, bark, bark.

My name is Rolo. Finally, you are getting a photo of me.

Just because I'm the only male in the group and just because I look like I want to eat you before I get to know you, doesn't mean you can neglect getting my photo. I'm also quite loving once I know you aren't going to harm me.

Waylon here. Still a before photo, although I've already lost some weight and have a ton more energy while the wonderful volunteers take me on walks.

Ramona here. I am one of the best of the rescue dogs at agility. I am able to do the whole course, I'm quite amazing. It probably has to do with how intelligent I am, plus the fact I have so much energy and love to have fun. Not to mention also love treats.

Plus I have the perfect body for this, don't I look superb.

Here is my slideshow/video of me at the agility course.

My name is Harley and I've been adopted since this photo was taken. I am a super and happy male dog, so no wonder I was adopted so quickly.

Jack here. I'm an older dog and I have fortunately been adopted. This kind and wonderful lady decided to make me a part of her family.

Don't mind my tongue, it escapes from my mouth at times. This lady fell in love with me and she doesn't mind at all. See how happy she looks.


I hope everyone enjoyed the photos of these wonderful dogs.

Author:  koala1 [ Oct 25, 2018 9:51 pm ]

Wonderful pictures, as always :applause: and super video, Gia. :kewl: Ramona has the makings of a great agility dog. :love:

Author:  gia58 [ Nov 1, 2018 10:26 pm ]

Thanks Koala :love:

Below are the photos I took of the dogs yesterday at IMHS.

Juice and Arie are being weaned from each other. Everyone is hoping it will give them better opportunity of being adopted, plus it appears to be giving Arie a bit more confidence. Please say some prayers that each one will finally find their forever home.

Mar was adopted to a great family. So that means Ola is all by herself. She is doing great and hopefully will be adopted very soon, she is a very sweet girl.

There is a new dog name Kato at the shelter. Very handsome guy who unfortunately was surrendered by his owner. He is a neat and friendly dog.

If any questions or are interested in adopting a dog, please call IMHS at 303-838-2668. Thank-you.


Rolo here. I'm a very lovable and friendly male, small enough to fit right in your lap. Please note, you need to give me a chance, because I first have to know you are a friendly and loving person.

Lilly here. I'm also a very lovable, friendly and fit perfectly on your lap, but I'm a female. You don't have to give me a chance, because I give you a chance.

Teeny here. I'm the exact same as Lilly, but I'm much more fun and just a super happy girl. Remember I'm the one that can do tricks with my tongue.

Pretty cool, huh?

She is always showing off, but it is true she is just a super happy girl.

Ola here. My sister and buddy was adopted, I am happy for her. Hopefully I will get adopted soon.

This lady keeps putting snow on my head. I figured I would humor her and just put up with it, she appears to be having fun doing it.

After she puts the snow on my head she starts pointing the big black thing at me and smiling.

I am enjoying the treats she gives me afterwards.

Ramona here. The lady tried the snow thing with me, but I wouldn't put up with it no matter how much fun she was trying to have.

But I sure did have fun running around and playing with my toy while she was here.

Now here is my serious and mysterious look.

I do hope one day I will get adopted and go hiking and jogging with someone.

Joy here. I'm a super sweet and friendly female that loves treats.

Here I am stretching.

If you know anyone that would love a sweet girl like me, please send them to IMHS.

My name is Kato. I'm a little nervous, but it's because I'm very new here. I'm very friendly and know my commands.

I'm also very handsome, even when I make these funny faces. My wrinkles are not because I'm old, that is just how I'm made.

I sit for my treats and I take them nicely.

mmm, that was good.

Arie here. Yep, that is Juice in the background in the other cage. I guess it is time I cut those apron strings. Treats are always welcome and help, too.

Do you have anymore or do you want to take me on a walk. I walk very well on the leash.

I do have a bit more confidence now that I'm on my own.

Juice here. I have to agree with Arie, treats always welcome and help, too.

I am learning to be on my own, too.

Especially when I get belly rubs, I just love belly rubs.


I hope everyone enjoyed the photos of these beautiful dogs.

Author:  gia58 [ Nov 9, 2018 1:39 am ]

I was able to get photos of the dogs at IMHS yesterday. There are some new guys at the shelter. All the dogs are very nice. Some need a little work, but they are all good dogs and deserve a chance.

If any questions or interested in adopting a dog, please call IMHS at 303-838-2668. Thanks.


They call me Cocoa. I can be friendly, but I do need some work. One hint is I really love treats.

Here I am with one of the people I really love. I think Nancy loves me, too.

I love lying on Nancy's lap.

My name is Bella. I'm a very friendly, sweet and loving old girl.

I do like treats. I take them very gently.

Mmmm. That was good.

You would never now I was ten years old. I'm active, but behaved and I look very young. I guess that is what being happy does for you.

Ola here. I know it looks like I'm mad at the lady for putting her hat on me, but it is just because I'm taking a treat. I know it's a bribery, but it is worth it.

She said all my photos are me sitting or standing and she needs to get different photos of me. She said I looked great in all of them, but getting boring.

I told her since she couldn't get photos of me at the agility course, I would do some agility with the picnic table.

Doesn't this photo look like I'm going at warp speed? Well, I am.

You know me, I'm Ramona. I love agility, it helps me get out my energy and exercises my mind.

Here I am getting my energy out in the play yard at IMHS. It would be great if I could learn to hike/run with someone.

Me Kato.

I'm really a nice guy, but you wouldn't know it when you first meet me.

I know some really cool commands, maybe the lady will get them on camera and post them. I played catch for a little bit, it was OK, not a huge fan of the ball. It's kind of boring.

Juice here. Arie and I are still learning to be independent. We are doing pretty good.

I've been told that I have a very hypnotizing look. I hope I can hypnotize that right person to adopt me.

Arie here.

I hope one day this learning to be independent gets paid off and I get adopted to that right person willing to work with me.

A hint for that person that wants me is I can be bribed. In other words I love treats.

Rolo here, my two sisters were adopted. My problem is that I give such a bad first impression, hence why I am in the quiet room with the cats. I much calmer and less stressed there. I'm really a nice guy, here I am with Cade, he loves animals so I know I can trust him. I so hope someone can welcome me into their heart one day soon.


I hope everyone enjoyed the photos of these wonderful dogs needing homes.

Author:  gia58 [ Nov 9, 2018 6:17 pm ]

There were two new dogs that came to the shelter when I was there Wednesday, but I wasn't able to publish them until today. They are a surrender from a sad situation. They are two Aussies that are really super dogs. They do need to go together as that was their owner's wish.

If any questions or you are interested in adopting, please call IMHS at 303-838-2668. Thanks.


My name is Annie. I came to IMHS with my friend. Our owner died and we are now looking for another loving home to live out the rest of our lives.


I'm an older dog, but only ten years old, so I have several more years to give you. I am in good shape and have a great personality.


Here is my portfolio, as you can see I'm quite beautiful, especially after I get groomed.


My name is Homer. I am Annie's friend. I'm a bit younger than Annie. I'm four years old.


I also have a portfolio and I am very handsome.


Plus I have a great personality. We are both really good dogs and I think anyone would be lucky to have us both. Hopefully we will both get a home as loving, giving and secured as we had with our long missed owner.



I hope you enjoyed the photos of these two really neat dogs.

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