**CATS-CATS-CATS--ADOPT!! ****IMHS open daily
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Author:  CKlasyKat [ May 11, 2018 9:06 am ]
Post subject:  Re: **CATS-CATS-CATS--ADOPT!! ****IMHS open daily glad to hear you adopted Bambi. I met you when I adopted Matt (remember Matt) known as Romeo. I'm sure Bambi will clarify who boss in time. Catitude!!

Romeo (aka Matt) is doing fabulous. Really has taken him awhile to get past his fear. I wish I knew his back story. For such a loving cat his is so fearful.

Author:  GoldenMom [ May 11, 2018 6:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: **CATS-CATS-CATS--ADOPT!! ****IMHS open daily

Gia, reading this made me SO happy!! I can’t think of a better place for Bambi than with “her lady.” I will miss her on Thursdays but it warms my heart to know that she has a real home with you <3.

Author:  gia58 [ May 17, 2018 2:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: **CATS-CATS-CATS--ADOPT!! ****IMHS open daily

Thank you so much everyone. Bambi is doing really well, love her so. So great to hear about Romeo, CKlassyKat :). I remember that beautiful white guy, I also wish I knew their stories from before, but so glad their and Romeo's future is brighter.

I took photos today at the shelter. There are a couple new cats in the front room. I had brought Bambi today to make her adoption official, plus gave her a chance to say Hello and goodbye to those she knew. She is doing really well. The other night, I looked over and she was on the couch and we didn't put her there :). Then when we were having thunderstorms, Rosie is afraid of them and while Bambi and Rosie were on my lap, Bambi was licking Rosie's back. It is still new for Bambi, but I hope she is happy and will one day know she is here forever.

If any questions or interested in any of these guys, please give IMHS at call at 303-838-7528. Thanks.


They call me Devita. I'm a sweet friendly female cat.

I don't think I like this big black thing being pointed at me and flashing me.

Yep, it is still there.

Glad you can join us.

Sorry I missed the group shot. Razzy here. I'm too cute for being in a group shot anyway.

I would just outshine everyone else. I see you giving me that look, Chess.

I'm a very sweet friendly female cat.

Plus I'm quite attractive with unique eyes.

Chess here. I'm a super sweet friendly male cat. Do you believe that Razzy? Wow, she sure is full of herself.

I like to keep the order in our pen and make sure everyone is behaving and is cleaned. I might have to have a talk with Razzy.

Ink here. I'm less shy than when the lady was here last.

I'm a very sweet and friendly female cat.

Piper here. After my group shot and seeing the lady peeking in our safe spot for Jinx, I decided to block her.

I'm also much less shy than when the lady was here last, I'm a nice male cat. Jinx is in back of me, because she is still very shy. The lady said I should let Jinx learn her own courage and not block her. I don't agree.

Kenosha here. I was sleeping, but got up so the lady can take my photo.

My name is Barry. I'm a very friendly young male cat as long as you don't have a big black thing pointed at me.

Well, at least the lady is giving me some compensation for pointing that thing at me.

Ok, enough already, people should just come and meet me to see how handsome I am.

Pongo here. The lady says I'm cranky.

Wouldn't you be if you had a big black think flashing at you constantly?

Cider here. I don't mind at all, the lady is right Pongo is cranky.

I hope you meant what you said before we left my new home.


I hope everyone enjoyed the photos.

Author:  MissMarySpencer [ May 17, 2018 6:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: **CATS-CATS-CATS--ADOPT!! ****IMHS open daily

Thank you for the update regarding Bambi! I know many are interested in how she is doing and she sounds like she is very happy!

Author:  gia58 [ May 23, 2018 10:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: **CATS-CATS-CATS--ADOPT!! ****IMHS open daily

I hope and think she is MissMary :).

I took photos at IMHS today. Didn't get to spend too much time with the cats so only a few photos.

Just want to mention Bambi is doing really well, she enjoys being on the deck, spending time with us watching TV and even the chihuahuas. As a matter of fact she is lying here with me while I do the photos. Soon as I have time, I'm going to open a topic in the pet corner, because I know many people are interested in Bambi and are missing her at the shelter. I want to keep everyone up to date on her new life, but not take away from these other wonderful cats that need loving forever homes.

If any questions or interested in any of these guys, plus there are many other cats at the shelter, please call IMHS at 303-838-2668. Thanks.


My name is Latimer. Fudge and I were surrendered by our owner, because they came into some really hard times and could not keep us anymore. We originally came from IMHS and are now back.

What is that large black thing growing on your face?

My name is Fudge. Latimer and I are very bonded so they said we need to be adopted out together. We are both very sweet cats and love people. I'm a girl and Latimer is a boy.

Piper here. I'm in the cattery now with many other cats. I think I like it here.

Now that I had my photo taken, I can get some sleep.

Razzy here. I'm also in the cattery and really loving it.

I get along with everyone.

I'm quite beautiful, don't you think? And you know what they say about orange cats, if you don't, we are super friendly and super cool.

Vapor here. I keep hearing about these cats that look just like me. First Ink who is now in her forever home and now Fudge. When will I get adopted?

Goofy here. I'm a super friendly and lovable male cat.

I can be goofy sometimes, maybe that is how they came up with my name.

I do like attention and I'm quite lovable, did I say that already?

Betty here. The pink brings out the jewels in my eyes. Unless it is the flash that brings them out.


I hope everyone enjoyed the photos.

Author:  CKlasyKat [ Jun 8, 2018 8:15 am ]
Post subject:  Re: **CATS-CATS-CATS--ADOPT!! ****IMHS open daily

Gia - your pics make me want to go get Vapor. I took Matt (aka Romeo) and when I saw Ink, I knew my friend just had to have her. She is now known as Silhouette or Silo. She is the most adorable thing. Nothing bothers her.........she's just full of fun. Now I feel bad for Vapor.

Author:  gia58 [ Jun 8, 2018 4:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: **CATS-CATS-CATS--ADOPT!! ****IMHS open daily

Thanks CklasyKat, wait to you see Vapor now, so adorable with his new haircut. Great news about Ink, thanks to you and your friend :)

I took photos at IMHS on Wednesday. It was a busy day. It was really nice visiting with the cats, wish I could spend more time with them. On a side note for those that know Bambi, she is doing really well. I will be updating her topic soon.

If any questions or anything, please call IMHS at 303-838-2668. Thanks.


My name is Kit Kat. I'm five years old, so you can say I'm an experienced cat. I'm very sweet and enjoy being with people.

I love my scratching post.

It can be used for many things. You can wash your tongue with it, you can scratch your neck with it and you can keep your nails filed with it.

I also enjoy this toy, it makes for a neat sitting spot.

My name is Devita. I share a pen with Kit Kat. I'm a much younger female and am lucky to be able to learn from Kit Kat.

I'm a very pretty girl and also very sweet.

Vapor here. Don't I look just adorable?

I got my hair cut, or should I say shaved. Just give me a pet, you will be amazed at how soft I am. Whomever adopts me will need to brush me often soon as my hair grows back in, I have gorgeous hair, but it requires a little bit of time to keep nice.

I am such a sweet boy and love being with people and getting lovings. When I first came here, I wouldn't even let you look at me without growling. I'm so happy that is over with. Here I am trying to play with the ribbon.

Maybe if the lady puts the camera down, we can play with the ribbon rather than her just dangling it.

Spanky here. I was like Vapor, but I didn't growl, I would just run and hide. Not anymore.

After watching Vapor playing with the ribbon, I wanted to play with it too. Although, since I'm not that aggresive and being a bit of an introvert, I wanted it just for myself so I could get to play with it.

So that is where it went, back with Vapor. See, that is why I need to take it and hide it.

Coal here. I don't know what all the fuss is. I just hang out and watch these silly cats, nothing to playing with strings.

I'm a sweet older female cat that loves to be pet. I'm with all the other older cats, it is best to own a more experienced cat.

We are much more relaxed and require only lovings when you are in the mood.

My name is Penny. I'm a very sweet and friendly female cat. Not to mention very pretty.

I was enjoying eating my food when the lady was here. I need to have special food and it is important that I eat.

Jyn here. I was down at Petsmart, but am back at the shelter. I don't really like many cats. I prefer being by myself as I'm particular about who I want to be friends with. I do like nice people and I also like to play.

I also like my scratching post. Although, I'm not as experienced as Kit Kat is with it.

I only specialize in filing my nails with it.

So I'm pretty good at it.

My name is Sarasota. I'm an older cat with lots of experience. I'm a very nice cat.

I'm a large cat, but a very gentle one.

I enjoy playing with the ribbon, but I with agree Vapor the lady should concentrate more on playing with us then taking photos.

Ruby here. I'm a very sweet older female cat. I'm a cat that is not in your face and will just hang out with you. Having an experienced independant cat is what everyone should have.

My name is Thelma. I share a pen with Louise. We were recently surrendered by our owner of many years, because they became ill. This is why people should always have a plan for their animals if something should happen to them. I'm 15 years old and Thelma is 16. It is hard on us since we really miss our home and our owner.

We are both very large female cats. If you come to visit us, I'll probably be in my box and feeling a bit sad.

I'm Louise, since Thelma told you our story, I won't repeat it. I'm a bit less depressed than Thelma.

I was enjoying being pet by the lady.

I let her know when I had enough petting. Just wish we could get a home with someone that understands us older cats.


I hope everyone enjoyed the photos.

Author:  CKlasyKat [ Jun 8, 2018 4:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: **CATS-CATS-CATS--ADOPT!! ****IMHS open daily

Poor Vapor............What a way to make me want him even more Gia. I'll see what I can do. Not so sure how Romeo would take it.

Author:  gia58 [ Jun 14, 2018 7:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: **CATS-CATS-CATS--ADOPT!! ****IMHS open daily

He is doing good CKlasyKat. It is hard, because all these guys tug at our heart strings :)

I took photos Wednesday of some of the cats. There are two new ones that were a surrender, Calvin and Hobbes. Appears they were someone's daughter's cats and they didn't get along with the parent's cat, so they were kept in the basement all the time and they felt these two lovable cats deserved more.

If any questions or interested in any of these cats or the many others at the shelter, please call IMHS at 303-838-2668. Thanks.


They call me Calvin. I'm a very nice male cat. I came to IMHS with Hobbes. Hobbes is much more outgoing than me, I'm more of an introvert.

That doesn't mean I can't have fun.

Nor that I'm not lovable.

I'm Hobbes, the one Calvin was telling you about. He is right I'm am more outgoing.

I enjoyed playing with the ropes the lady gave me.

I wonder if I can tear this apart.

A good stretch always feels good.

Thelma here. Appears Louise and I are much younger. The people that took us after our owner became ill, didn't know much about us. The Vet figured it out and estimated I'm about seven years old.

I'm in my own pen now and I am a bit happier. Although this lady has spent much too much time staring at me and trying to talk to me.

Louise here. Yep, Thelma is right, they are estimating my age to be about six years old.

I'm also happier being in my own pen, too. I think this lady wants me to play with this rope.

Seriously, do you think this is funny? And then you wonder why I got mad at you.

Vapor here. I'm the most lovable guy you will ever meet.

I know, I know, that is what all the guys say.

Jinx here. I am coming out of my shell, but don't come too close yet, I still need my space.

Betty here. I can't believe I still haven't been adopted yet.

I think I would make a great pet especially if I was the only cat to spend time with just my person.

Kenosha here. I'm also surprised I'm still here. I'm a nice cat and would love a quiet home where I could have my own space and person.


I hope everyone enjoyed the photos.

Author:  gia58 [ Jun 21, 2018 5:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: **CATS-CATS-CATS--ADOPT!! ****IMHS open daily

I took photos yesterday at IMHS. All their kittens are starting to become available. The four in my photos are now available. I know these kittens are so cute, but please don't forget about the older cats that also need homes. I know there are people like me, that love kittens, but prefer to adopt an older adult cat.

If anyone has any questions or interested in any of these guys or the many others at the shelter, please call IMHS at 303-838-2668. Thank-you.


Hey, what are you doing pointing that thing at me?


That's a camera. Hey, can you do a closeup of us?


We compliment each other.


Thanks lady, can you let me out of this cage so I can run around like a kitten?


I'm more of the quiet type and not as pushy as my look alike sibling.


We all love to play.



Don't I look like a kung fu champion?



High Five to you. Come to visit us.


My name is Calypso. I'm a young female cat. I'm a bit shy,


but I know I will get over that one day.


Kenosha here. It drives the lady crazy that I won't look into her camera. I have fun frustrating her.


Spanky here with Jinx. Jinx has come around since he first came to the shelter being in the cattery has helped him a lot.


I think I'm helping him, too.


I'm glad I'm in the cattery and I'm glad I met Spanky as he used to be like me.


Boy, that was tiring, I think I'll take a nap.


Hobbes here. I'm a super friendly male cat. My buddy is Calvin. We are just like Calvin and Hobbes from the comics.


I love stretching. I heard stretching is very healthy.


I also love to play and I love my toy mouse. I throw it outside the cage and someone always walks by and throws it back to me.


Kit Kat here. I'm sharing the pen with Calvin and Hobbes now. They are OK, Calvin is mellow like me, while Hobbes just plays with his mouse all day.



I hope everyone enjoyed the photos.

Author:  koala1 [ Jun 21, 2018 9:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: **CATS-CATS-CATS--ADOPT!! ****IMHS open daily

:love: :love: :love:

Author:  gia58 [ Jun 28, 2018 9:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: **CATS-CATS-CATS--ADOPT!! ****IMHS open daily

Me too, Koala :love:

Below are the photos I took of the cats, actually kittens, at IMHS yesterday. The one adult cat, I'm pretty sure is the Mom of the first set of kittens. She is a really neat cat. The first set of kittens got the most photos, there were five in the first set and then three in the next set. I think they are all males.

If any questions or interested in any of these guys or the many more adult cats at IMHS, please call them at 303-838-2668.


My name is Esco. I'm Mom to some of the many kittens here.


I can still be a kitten myself. I'm a very sweet and friendly lady.


Although.. I'm not so thrilled with that big black thing the lady keeps pointing at me.


We are the first set of kittens in the pen across from Esco. We think Esco is our Mom.

I think my name is Gul. I'm sweet and playful, what do expect from a kitten?


Pretty sure they call me Shamrock. I'm a more laid back kind of guy.


I'm thinking they named me Almond. Just because I look like my siblings, doesn't mean I don't have my own personality.


And if you look closely, you will see I'm actually the cutest of all. I do enjoy getting my photo taken.


I look most like Almond and I actually think I'm the cutest of all.


Not sure what they call me, but I do know I'm a super sweet and playful kitten.


Here are all our playful photos. We had fun getting our photos taken and playing with the ropes.






We are the second set of kittens.

Our names are Captain America, Ironman and Hulk. I bet they named us that because they wanted us to grow up strong.


We were also playing with the rope.


Maybe one day we will get together with the other set of kittens and have a huge party.


Here are our playful photos.





Hope everyone enjoyed the photos.

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