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Author:  pinedust [ Feb 19, 2004 5:42 pm ]
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This is Heidi, she's a four year old bluetick hound. She is sort of a rescue pup, her previous owners thought she would make a good apartment dog... she wasn't.

Turn ons: Any reason to bark, any excuse to run, playing in the snow, the Oakland Raiders (bad dog, bad bad dog), small cats, ferrets, playing tug-of-war with people and other pups, going for rides in the car, helping kilowatt and mtnmed with fishing, fetching balls, shoes, sticks (anything thrown), and obviously her favorite, the sport of frisbee.

Turn offs: Not being able to do any of the above.

She is a very lovable pup with a great personality, and she loves to pose in front of my camera.

edited to add: I just noticed, her ears are starting to look like lovelops' bunny's ears. :waving:

Author:  zeroe [ Feb 20, 2004 1:07 pm ]
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OK, so here?s my family.

This is our eldest child, an Australian Shepherd called Cleo; short for Cleopatra because she thinks she?s the queen. Cleo doesn?t know she?s a dog and it always seems to be something of a surprise when we treat her the same as the others. She was 14 last month, which is at the upper end of her breed?s life expectancy and is, sadly showing signs of age. I think we?ll still have her for a while yet though.

Next up is Wiley, a 10-year old German Shepherd mix who was blessed with a trash compactor for a stomach and an insatiable appetite. Pretty much, if it fits in her mouth, it?s food and if it doesn?t fit in her mouth, she?ll work on it ?till it does. Dropped food rarely makes it to the floor as she can sense the change in air pressure from another room. The only thing she won?t eat is lettuce, everything else is fair game.

And our youngest is Sasha, a 3-year old husky/collie mix. Emphasis on the husky, which means she?ll obey commands if she feels like it. I just wish I had 1/10th of her energy. In contrast to Wiley, Sasha has the most incredibly delicate stomach and the slightest change in routine means days of work with the carpet cleaner. I?m not sure what she uses for fuel, but it doesn?t appear to be food.

There are 3 betta fish in the house too, but I?m afraid I don?t have photos of those.

Author:  mummydog [ Feb 20, 2004 5:07 pm ]
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OK, I don't think I'm able to post pics of my furkids -- I understand from one of TillerBee's posts that they need to be on a web server -- so I'll just have to be wonderfully descriptive.

I am "mummydog" to a pack of three (and six stepkids who walk on 2 legs, another story...).

The eldest, Buster, is a chocolate lab who will be 10 this year. DH and I wanted a German Shorthair Pointer as we had been reading a lot of Robert Parker (Spencer) novels which featured Pearl the Wonder Dog. No GSPs were to be had, but we did see an ad for choc lab pups in the Hustler, took a look, and fell in love. In an ironic coincidence, the fellow who sold us our pup down in Shaffers' Crossing turned out to be the brother of the CFO of the company hubby and I worked for back in Boston. Buster never met a food item he did not like and adores swimming to fetch sticks in Grand Lake. In his later years he is pampered beyond any notion of respectability.

Buster needed a companion, however. Again we looked for a GSP. DH found instead an ad for a female Weimaraner in Colorado Springs and suggested we take a look. Frieda had been bred as a show dog but her hind legs were hopelessly bowed and one had been mangled by a run in with a larger Weim. The kennel held MANY MANY dogs and they ruled the place. At age 4 months, not house trained and with no manners, she came home with us. While house training was a process I thought would never end, we now have a 9 year old love muffin who approaches every human (including active children) with affection.

We gave up on the GSP. As Bus and Frieda aged, we thought a pup would be good to bring some spring back into their step -- and wanted to do it before they both got too old and intolerant of silly pups. Fritz came into our lives exactly 4 years ago and is our show Weim, from pretty amazing stock. He is presently obsessed with taking the #1 dog position from Buster but will not get there anytime soon. In the meantime we are hoping to get him his championship so we can put him to stud and pay for all the damage he has caused in his puppyhood (chewing shoes, rugs, moldings, electric blankets, my DH's inhaler and lotsa other things).

We cannot imagine life without them and dread the day when one will leave us. When DH came home from the hospital after the 2002 heart attack, they were the first thing he asked after. God bless all your furkids.

Jane & Walt

p: renegadecj, wanted to thank you for the pic of Bear with balloon -- what a special dog he obviously was!

Author:  zeroe [ Feb 20, 2004 5:22 pm ]
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mummydog wrote:
OK, I don't think I'm able to post pics of my furkids -- I understand from one of TillerBee's posts that they need to be on a web server -- so I'll just have to be wonderfully descriptive.

Hi Mummydog. One of our moderators, BigJer has generously offered space on his web server for anyone who wants to store photos there. That?s how I got mine onto the thread.

Do you have the photos stored on your computer, or do you know anyone with a scanner who can do that for you? If you have, you can e-mail the photos to BigJer at, and he?ll send you back a link you can use. He?ll also explain the process for posting the pictures if you need it.


Author:  Kathi [ Feb 20, 2004 5:37 pm ]
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Mummydog, I also thought about a GSP for the same reason. Pearl the Wonder Dog! However, it's been a fact that if we have a vacancy, the right animal finds us before I find the breed I'm looking for. I've wanted either a long-haired calico or a Main Coon for years now and can't seem to come across a homeless one at the right time. And for all my desire to get another lab/chow mix (Dinah is a Wonder Dog!), I knew I wouldn't come back from Colorado Humane empty-handed.

Author:  mummydog [ Feb 20, 2004 5:40 pm ]
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What a nice person you are to suggest this! I'll PM Jer to find out how to go about this!

From looking at Zoe's picture I think the right dog found the right home! God bless the both of you!

Author:  zeroe [ Feb 21, 2004 8:54 am ]
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Kathi wrote:
I knew I wouldn't come back from Colorado Humane empty-handed.

That's why I'm not allowed to go on my own.

Author:  zeroe [ Feb 21, 2004 9:05 am ]
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MtnHaven wrote:
Oh so love the pics! They are all darling.
Would show you my best friends with four legs but none are domesticated and I don't know how to put pics on this website.

Hi MtnHaven,
Sorry, but I missed your comment on my previous runs through this thread. Did you see my advice to Mummydog about having BigJer store your pictures on his web server so you can post them on the site? If you send him a PM, he'll walk you through the process.

Author:  Redbird [ Feb 21, 2004 7:10 pm ]
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That's why I'm not allowed to go on my own.

I'm not allowed to go at all. I want them all.....

Author:  Seapine [ Apr 26, 2004 7:25 pm ]
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My two critters Jack and Amalie.

Have fun

Author:  MtnHaven [ Apr 27, 2004 8:10 am ]
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And they are both beauties!!!!

Author:  Groovin'Granish [ May 12, 2004 2:08 pm ]
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These are my two little rascals. Have a dog days type of afternoon everyone...


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