DVT's aka Blood Clots in the leg
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Author:  bdogsgal [ Jul 25, 2018 1:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: DVT's aka Blood Clots in the leg

Wily Fox aka Angela wrote:
bdogsgal wrote:
I finally had my ultrasound today....No DVT...Hooray!
This is actually what they found "Elongated complex cystic structure in the posterior medial aspect
of the popliteal fossa, with extension into the mid calf. This may be
caused by hematoma or marked increase in craniocaudal extent of a
previous Baker's cyst." I couldn't believe it was a cyst going from the back of my knee down to the middle of my calf. That explains why my calf is rock hard.

read this

and that cyst was only 5cm and mine is over 14cm. Yikes

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