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Author:  mtnhsmama [ Feb 1, 2019 12:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Tinnitus

nice posts - thx! purty dang common, eh? who knew?? here's my take on it.

i've had it all my life, even as a kid. got worse when i had colds (stuffy head). makes me think it's a head structure thing. as i grew older it of course "rang in" more often. so, rock concerts (wore ear plugs) and riding motorcycles (wore ear plugs) didn't cause it, but prolly didn't help things any. it DID get way worse when i moved here from the midwest, mostly cuz i commuted to/from denver. air pressure is a big thing for me. even on level grounds, a semi passing me could start up the choir again as i drifted thru its air pocket. and i was a walking weather station when the barometric pressure changed!

the biggest cause of increase however, is when in the midwest i ate salt nonstop, but also sweat nicely in the humidity. up here, same salt but no sweating due to dryness - it led to blocking the drainage in an ear. just like my childhood stuffy days & head structure things. tying one on or drinking excessive tea led to choirs the next day. after i was no longer dehydrated from alcohol or caffeine, i immediately became supersaturated due to retention even after i gave up salt.

until - bell choirs, sledge hammers, dripping water, trains - forget all the noise i "enjoyed" constantly. it's when it progressed to dizzy spells unannounced - well 2 seconds doesn't allow for pulling off the mountain roads! - i had to do something. had stent put in the blocked ear & havn't had a whistle since. of course, i'm now deaf in my good ear(the tinnitus went away w/ my hearing loss), & still hav an occasional short burst of ringing in my bad ear, and constant fans going in my head, but no more dizzy spells for over 10 years now. i'm back to moderate salt, caffeine, and alcohol indulgence, and the only thing that starts up the choirs again is super stress or prolonged loud noises, but it goes away. the fans remain, but life is good...

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