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Pinecam Shout Box

aspenleaf - Aug 25, 09:03 PM
Not today!
rosiedaygirl - Aug 27, 10:14 AM
TillerBee - Aug 28, 03:10 PM
Absolutely pouring rain here, our driveway is going to be in Mexico. :(
aspenleaf - Aug 28, 03:46 PM
It was here, too, but only for about 15 minutes. Now, the sun is out and bright as ever. :D
BeerGodROX - Aug 28, 04:09 PM
That's OK TB. Our driveway should be coming by your place any minute. Feel free to use it...
TillerBee - Aug 28, 04:36 PM
Thanks that’s very kind of you 8O
TillerBee - Aug 31, 04:29 PM
Summer is back- it's hot!
Calendar Moderator - Sep 10, 03:50 AM
cooking here
Calendar Moderator - Sep 11, 09:29 PM
Finally cooled off and getting rain
aspenleaf - Sep 17, 10:36 AM
Perfect fall days, now. Sunny, bright blue skies, temps in the 60s, and fall leaves on the way. :cloud9:
TillerBee - Oct 15, 11:41 AM
And today is also the perfect fall day. :sun:
aspenleaf - Oct 21, 12:15 PM
And today. Just a couple more on the way. :sun:
JMiller - Oct 28, 06:38 AM
It is snowing
aspenleaf - Oct 28, 02:55 PM
9 tonight. :cold:
aspenleaf - Oct 28, 02:57 PM
I really hope we don’t have repeated cold snaps like this all season. It’s awfully early for it to start. It used to be Stock Show Weather in mid-January.
aspenleaf - Oct 28, 05:50 PM
"Quite a few cars off the road at 285 & Kum and Go", per Elk Creek fire department
pakrat1004 - Oct 30, 10:29 AM
Is Our Lady of the Pines having their annual Cookiie Walk this year? If so, when?
JMiller - Oct 30, 11:43 PM
pakrat1004 check your messages
Tigger - Nov 1, 08:26 PM
Jeffco Ballot voting questions I try to avoid pollical agendas of individuals, But I would like some input as to what others of this great place that we live, think about these ballot measures. My goal is to gain insight, not to create civil discord. Mountain Water and sanitation Ballott measure 6D AND 6E Elk Creek Fire District 7D, 7E,7F (I’m all about our first responders) Thanks
TillerBee - Nov 5, 07:49 AM
how to fix your board time here

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