Rehoming Whippet
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Author:  aspenleaf [ Nov 25, 2019 9:01 am ]
Post subject:  Rehoming Whippet

Cross Posting (please PM me if interested until I find a better way to contact them),

Please read entire story.

About a year ago my husband found that one of the workers doing some work in our house was living out of a storage unit and had a young female dog with him that he wasn’t able to afford to take care of. As we love dogs and had the room we offered to take her (Nala) and help them both out. She was initially super timid but came out of her shell, bonded w my husky mix, slept on our daughters bed and was a pretty good addition to our home. A couple months ago she started beating up on our smaller dog out of the blue. They still play together, sleep together and eat well together but randomly Nala snaps our smaller defenseless dog. She’s not food aggressive, toy aggressive or aggressive in any other manner otherwise and adores kids of all ages (we have an 8, 3 and 1 year old). We have tried correcting the behavior but as we don’t know what is triggering it, we aren’t sure how to train her out of it. That being said we think she might be happier and a better fit in a household with only dogs bigger than her or even as an only dog to a family where they wld play and exercise her.

She is about 2 (from what the vet said), current on most vaccinations, mid sized and super sweet. She loves to play ball, sleep in the bed (under the covers) and if you have slippers on your feet, she’s in heaven (has a thing for feet and slippers). She’s young and active and wld be an amazing fit to someone who hikes and runs and such but not necessary to be happy. We hate to have to consider rehoming her and won’t take her to a shelter so figured we wld post her here and see if anyone is looking for a sweet dog like her.

Please pm me if you are interested, have any questions, etc. Thanks so much for your time and consideration. :)



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